Monday, 15 August 2011

The Fire Fairy

Fire Fairy

The first time the fire fairy revealed herself to me was around Pentecost. But I first finished the Ocean Water Fairy drawing and then started with this one here. The following poem did come as well while being connected with the energy of the fire fairy.

The Words of a Fire Fairy

I'll spark your life and I'll be your flame.
I am no angel, I have no name - as my names are many
as sparks of the flame.
Call me a devil, a fairy is nice.
Call me no mery ... I hate the disguise.

I am open, I am true ... I am no demon,
I am but true.

I am the drum of Afirca's heart,
I am the sun that even shines in the dark.

I am the hatred,
the power, the flame ...

I am the glory,
the selfish, the game ...

I am the huntress,
the derwish, the sun ...

I am but many ... so call me no name.

I can be with you, whenever you like
beware as my helping can more be like a spike
I will be treating 'ya the way 'ya deserve
I can be tender and gentle and brave
and I can be cruel & forgiving no mistake.

Choose the way you want me to be,
as I am but many - and many is me.

*Tricia Danby - Copyright! All rights reserved - since July 2011*

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